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Melody Kota Rusa

Kanib, Enop, Yoseph, Minggus, and Dodi live in Mutting village. They dream of popularising Marind songs through their band, “Walef” (a type of forest kangaroo). With their experience in accompanying Yosim songs at their village, they are determined to perform at the independence celebrations. At the concert, they receive an ecstatic response. Enop has a special relationship with Selvi, a civil servant who works at the sub-district office, and who supports the band. So Selvi asks the Regent of Merauke to support them by providing modern music instruments. Their happiness is interrupted when drummer Minggus leaves the band. Then they meet the Javanese, Mas Suroso, who can ply drums but Kanib and Enop do not take to him. They feel that Suroso is not Marind born and therefore cannot join the band. But Suroso persuades them that they share the common goal of music, even with skin and hair color. Suroso’s presence brings some acculturation to their forms of music and he introduces the dangdut rhythm into their songs. Then they leave for Merauke for a band contest. But Dodi and Yoseph get drunk and are drawn into a fight. As a result, they are arrested by the police.