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Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

Anissa, the daughter of Salafiah the cleric, is also a strong-willed, intelligent woman. Anissa lives in the conservative Islamic boarding school in East Java. For her, the true knowledge is only the Qur’an, Hadith (words and deeds of Muhammad) and the Sunnah (Muhammad’s practices). Modern books are considered deviant. But Anissa thinks that the teaching is unbalanced as Islam defends men while women are weak. Only her uncle, Khudori, encourages Annisa, and she secretly falls in love with him. But the love is unrequited because Khudori realizes that he is too closely related to the family, although not blood-related. So Khudori leaves to continue his study in Cairo. Anissa secretly enrolls in a college in Jogja and is accepted, but Kyai Hanan refuses to allow her, an unmarried woman, to live far away from her parents. Anissa protests her father’s argument. But eventually, she is married off to Samsudin, the son of a cleric from the biggest Salaf Muslim boarding school in East Java. Then Samsudin marries again to Kalsum and destroys Anissa’s hope of becoming an independent Muslim lady. Later, she is reunited again with Khudori, and both still love each other.



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IMDb: 6.5